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Meet Rajko

Mental Educator & Coach

I dedicated my past 20 years teaching people how to control their mind, emotions, and body, so they can determine their outcomes. Through the strategies that I teach you have the chance to learn, improve or master anything you're working on, so you can develop a strong mindset, healthy habits, and a balanced life.


Here's What I Do 

    Reset Your Mindset



    Emotional Awareness

    Achieve Your Goals

    Personalized Action Plan


    The Journey Towards Your Mental Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

    There are people with a different perception of the world, people that you get to meet, and make you address the right questions. These are people who have chosen the less traveled paths, and who have assumed difficult choices, which few of us assume, authentic people, people full of passion and energy. Rajko is all these people in one, a curious man, who explores and with whom you can explore yourself.

    - Mihai Teodorescu, Banker

    Rajko Kuzmanovic is the man who almost effortlessly becomes the instructor you are amazed by (due to his vast knowledge and the way he teaches). Then, with the same ease, the instructor becomes human: colleague, friend, father, a charming husband, funny, always having at hand a joke or a wise word.

    - Ximena Stefan, CEO

    In the early 2000s I met Rajko. He was obviously my SILVA instructor. At that time she was a bit thinner and spoke an incredibly fluent and correct Romanian. The Silva course was for me a moment of major change for the better in my life. Inevitably I repeated it at least once a year and every time I looked for Rajko's presence. An extraordinarily warm man and full of special wisdom. But not that "old" wisdom but a modern one contemporary with me. A temperament rather shy than exuberant, a man full of resources and love for what he does. To be with him in a "private" conversation has always been a special honour and pleasure. I discovered common passions that he cultivated with much more attention and depth. Hi is always very well prepared and documented, eager to explore new territories, a good listener and an extraordinary storyteller.

    - Bogdan Novac, Entrepreneur

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